How to Delete Offline Youtube Videos from App on Android, iPhone, or iPad

Tutorial on How to delete offline youtube videos: First of all, Youtube is the most popular place to watch videos and on youtube, there are different types of videos available such as funny, creepy and up-to-date informational videos, travel Vlogs, etc. Don’t be surprised if more and more people are watching videos on YouTube. 

Now the topic is how to delete offline youtube videos, of course, Watching videos on YouTube can consume your whole internet data quota and fortunately but Youtube provides a feature to save videos offline so that we don’t need to spend regularly on internet data to watch again the same video again and again. 

Offline youtube videos feature will automatically be saved to your mobile internal memory so that if you want to see the same video you can watch those videos without internet too because you have already downloaded and saved it for Offline view. So, now the issue is if the smartphone’s internal memory is not large, it may be full of YouTube videos and show you internal Storage full.

Delete Offline Youtube Videos

How to Delete Offline Youtube Videos


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The full internal memory will make your smartphone performance slow, therefore you need to delete some offline YouTube videos that you have stored in the internal memory of your mobile. Here’s how to delete youtube offline videos on Android.  

  • Open the latest version of the Youtube application.
  • Then on the right-hand side below you can See the Library option Click on it.
  • Then you can see the Download option Click on it.
  • Now there you can Find all you downloaded Videos on Youtube.
  • Besides every video, you can see 3 dots press it.
  • Now there you can “Delete from Download” option.
  • Done 

This is how to remove offline youtube videos from your phone. By deleting all these offline videos, the internal memory can be filled with other important files. Hopefully, the above reviews tutorial are helpful. Good luck. 


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